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Open Houses Scheduled for:
Saturday, May 12, 2018

(Click address for Google Maps)


Maryland Central (Garden) Railway
1207 Watervale Road
Fallston, MD 21047-1931
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

The garden railway is situated on a 30 degree sloping hillside in the woods. Multi-levels of track in dog bone shapes, each running 150 feet in length.  1,000 feet of total track (hopefully in place and running). 4 to 6 trains from narrow gauge to whimsical. Upper most track is 20 feet above the lower most track.  A 16 foot waterfall. 150 feet of trestles and bridges. (when on a hillside you don’t have any alternative) The “Henhouse” for an eggliner as seen on the cover of AW-NUTS magazine.  Concrete buildings as seem in the article in Garden Railways magazine.  The Dew Yew Mine, the Broken Heart Coal Company, and the Silver Spring Mining Company.  Fairy castle, fish pond, and some real estate acquisitions from Wal Mart.   Many more scratch built building to come in the future, such as…. Logging operation, Grist Mill, Power Plant, etc.

Take I-95 to Exit 74.  Take Rt 152 north for 6 miles.  Turn right (at traffic light) onto Watervale Road. Proceed 1.6 miles.  At bottom of hill, look for #1207, driveway on the right. There are several parking spots at the top of the hill, or you can park down by the road and walk up. Please do not park on Watervale Road or the neighbor's driveway.

Links to the Maryland Central on YouTube:

Bottom Track - 800 feet.  (New Circus is coming)
Lower Loop - (Tunnels, Helix, & Broken Heart Coal Company) - 350 feet+
Middle Loop - (Helix, Central Stamp Mill ) 350 feet+
Top Loop - (Logging Line) - 200 feet