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Welcome to the 2015 Model Railroad Open House website. The Model Railroad Open Houses are an annual event which has showcased local model train layouts in DE, MD, PA and NJ for over 30 years.

This year's open house schedule features a total of 137 layouts including 15 new. These numbers are amazing! We continue to post impressive layout numbers with 212 total open houses this year. This still remains the largest collection of open houses that exists today (that I am aware of) and 137 layouts open sets yet another new record for us.

We continue our trend this year with layouts in common geographic areas open on the same date. This allows people to see multiple layouts in one day. We have asked people over the years to attempt this if possible. If you look at the schedule you will notice that New Jersey led by PJ Mattson has many layouts open on November 8th and 14h and Jerry Britton has done so for Central PA for November 7th and 8th. One thing you will also notice is that we have many club layouts open on the schedule. This year we have 23 club or modular layouts open including 1 new. Many of you do not have layouts. Consider visiting these clubs or modular layouts in your area and joining up. Clubs are always looking for new members. Also one unique gauge we have open is live steam and we have 2 this year.

The main features of the site are:

  • Download of the entire schedule. (In PDF format) This includes complete addresses.

  • All layouts are linked to a Google map for you to print.

  • You can get an overview map showing the locations of all layouts open on a certain date so you can plan your route for the day.

  • A "Changes and Cancellations" area. Please check this prior to heading out every time. We do have mistakes from time to time and sometimes cancellations. If you notice any discrepancies in the information, please let Bruce know right away so that it can be corrected.

  • A Facebook page. See the link on our website. Come on over to our Facebook page and share your experiences and post some pictures of the layouts you see. Layouts owners are encouraged to do the same. Our page is named “Model Railroad Openhouse Schedule”. So please “friend” us.

So I am happy to say that we will have someone to replace me for next year. His name is Jerry Britton and I am sure some of you know him. Jerry has been on the schedule for years and loves his PRR. He is open this year so please stop by and visit him and thank him. I have been doing the schedule for 25 years. When I took it over from Ken Donahoe we had a couple of dozen layouts on the schedule. It was mostly Delaware and was hand typed and printed and distributed into hobby shops. We used hand drawn maps. I moved the schedule onto a computer and expanded the geography.

The schedule grew rapidly and expanded to all of Pennsylvania. We also expanded into Baltimore, Eastern Maryland and towards central New Jersey. The printed schedules were very popular and we used advertisers to pay for the printing. But high costs, technology changes and a changing society pushed us to the web and that is where we are today. I wanted to thank all the folks who put in so many volunteer hours to make this happen.

Karen was the person who allowed us to go web based and has done such a great job allowing us to do so. Without her help, the schedule may have died. I also want to thank John Lassahn who has done all the tedious work of putting all the dates and times together so we have a nice summary of all the openhouses. Thank you John. Finally, it has been an honor doing the schedule for all these years. I have met so many people and have made so many friends. I will continue to assist the schedule and will be in the openhouse schedule in the future! Stop by and say hello. Be well.

The Model Railroad Openhouse Schedule is a wonderful event. Why not take the family and good friends and visit some layouts. Along the way, stop by some of our excellent local hobby shops and buy some model trains. Support our local hobby shops!

This website would not be possible without the assistance of Karen Darling. We want to thank Karen for her hard work and if you see her, please let her know!

Other key people who helped with the schedule are, John Lassahn (admin), PJ Mattson (NJ coordinator), Joe Walters (DE coordinator), Charles Kadyk (PA coordinator), Fran Giacoma (MD coordinator), Jerry Britton (PA Coordinator), Lee Rainey (PA Coordinator) Forrest Lucas (PA Coordinator) and Earl Paine. John Lassahn does a lot of the administrative work and number crunching. This is quite time consuming so thank him if you see John. Once again this year Joe Walters has taken it upon himself to print flyers with his own funds about our open house schedule this year and distribute them to hobby shops, clubs and train shows. Thank you Joe!

Remember - we only take dates from 8/15-9/15. We ask that everyone please proactively send us your dates via email. We try and call everyone if we do not hear from them, but cannot promise that you will be called. Life is busy and time is precious. We hold to our deadlines. Please join us next year and show off your layout! Even if you are just getting started, have an open house. People enjoy coming back year after year to see your progress.

Bruce Z. Friedman

Layout visitation is at one's own risk. Please abide by times on schedule.

PS – We will announce after this year’s schedule the changes that may occur under Jerry’s leadership. The best way to find out these changes will be our Facebook page. So please join.

Thanks to those who donated to the cost of running the site!  Karen Darling